I have 2 disciples

I was blessed with 2 children.  They were hand-picked for me.  God knew the kind of mom they would need and He picked me.  I am honored to have been entrusted with such precious lives.

I am a mom.  I changed diapers, woke up in the middle of the night for feedings, taught them to walk and talk, fed them, played with them, loved them.

2 years ago I became a divorced mom.  The dad moved out-of-state.  So, I started to be a mom and a dad to the two children I had been given me.  I failed miserably at being the dad.  Mom’s aren’t meant to be dads, they are  meant to be moms.  Somehow hearing ‘dad words’ come out of mom’s mouth doesn’t have the same impact on a young man.  What is a single mom to do?  I began to feel defeated…..

….UNTIL FATHER God spoke.  He said, “I chose you to be MOM.  Let dad be dad.  That is the mantle I gave him, he alone is responsible for it.” 

….THEN He said, “More importantly then being mom to these little lambs you are discipling them.  You are to raise them up as Jesus raised up His disciples.”

I have 2 disciples.  They follow me.  They watch me. They do what I do and don’t do what I don’t do.  This is more important than being a mommy, this is about allowing all that God has done in and through me, to be transferred to these 2 disciples.  This is about all the time spent in worship and prayer and seeking the Kingdom of God, flowing out of me and into 2 human beings, that will someday pass it on to someone else.  This is a big fat deal.  This is more than transferring DNA or feeding a mouth or providing shelter.  This is about leading 2 little impressionable people to become all that God intended them to be.  This is about Eternity.

Who are your disciples?  I have 2…pray for me!

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