How redemption came…

Redemption : restoring something or someone to a better condition, an improved state of being. Rescued.

You may recall this post on June 5th…A Story of Redemeption.

Ahh..the beauty of a good love story.   Ruth and Boaz, mmm  mmm good.  Obviously, my rendition of the story wasn’t straight from the bible.  It was the romantic in me equating my little story of redemption to the great story in the bible about Ruth and her kinsman redeemer, Boaz. 

My Boaz did indeed come over the mountain as our kinsman redeemer.  He’ll be signing papers and officially redeeming this family as his own on March 25th.  It really is a great story that I didn’t foresee playing out in my own life.  God does some interesting things when we least expect it and that’s how my redemptions story is written.  But how did it play out for the leading man?

Here’s what I know…He love me.

He and I share the same date of birth, although I was born in the morning and he 11 hours later, I’m very much robbing the cradleSmile He’s never been married and for good reason.  He met Jesus about 10 years ago and knew that he wanted to know Him well, so he chose to spend much of his 30’s learning, eating, serving and sleeping at the feet of Jesus.  He doesn’t have children but he loves mine.  We’re to old to have children but that’s what Abraham and Sarah said…hmmm.

“He obeyed the word of the Lord and went”  Jonah 3:3

Yep, now I’ll compare my man to Jonah.  He knew he loved me, he knew God had brought us together.  He knew he wanted to be with me but in order to do that he had to literally choose to go to Ninevah.  A land he didn’t know to a NEW people. Giving up his home, moving from his family to a new city, going from being a fancy free single man to the head of a household with 2 almost teenagers.  It would be culture shock for this man of faith. 

He had a moment where he knew that he knew, not only did he love me but he was CALLED to my family.  It wasn’t just about what HE could get but when God quickened in his spirit that it was also about what he could give, he knew.  God whispered ‘you are called to this family, go’.  He went.

He’s glad he obeyed, it is well.

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