Some of my favorite things….

Happy Snowy Sunday:)

I have to tell you, I’m thrilled that the snow has finally arrived and that it may just stick around for the next couple of days.  I truly love waking up to white rooftops and a chill throughout the house.  Jumping up to get the first cup of coffee and start the fire…wonderful.

Thought I would share with you some of my favorite things:

~Lately I’m really enjoying frozen grapes.  Turns out frozen fruit is my man’s favorite snack.  Who knew how devine a frozen grape would be.  Please try them.  Go get yourself a container full of seedless red grapes from Costco, take them off the vine and store them in a ziploc in your freezer.  You’ll be glad you did.

~Painting.  I painted my bathroom last weekend, I did some touch up wall and trim paint around the house yesterday and today the den/soon to be man cave will be painted.  Its theraputic.  Its cleansing.  Its a new beginning.  Its an easy fun way to change up a space.  Every so often I get on a painting kick and I just love the freshness of a newly painted room!  My daughter wants to join the painting bandwagon and has requested lime green paint.  She already has a raspberry colored wall and feels like she needs a splash of color on another wall….yeah….no!

~Hot Tamales and Good n Plenty’s…..I know frozen grapes are good but these two boxes of candies make me jump for joy. They are my go-to candy for movies and other such events.  Turns out my man loves these as his favorite too, so thats just a fun little perk!

~New pajamas.  MMMM…so good.  I have 2 drawers in my dresser dedicated to pj’s.  I’m sure this probably catagorizes me into some kind of disorder…but regardless there is nothing  better then a new pair of pj’s and a cuddle on the couch!  There is a 15% off Kohls coupon in the paper today that just might help me with my guilty pleasure.

~Meals cooking while you are at work.  I love the crock pot.  I think its brilliant and I need to use it more.  Today, I think I’ll put a roast in there while I paint.  My kids hate the crock pot but they need to learn how to be a little less rigid in their life and throwing them curve balls every so often is a good parenting technique.  They think they are having ribs tonight, so this will be a fun little twist once they hear me get the crockpot out:)

~Lastly, I love Jesus and God’s word.  How could I have gotten away without bringing that up in my post?  Turns out memorizing lots of scripture makes you love Jesus and the Word more.  Who knew?  Try it!

OK, getting out the crock pot….can you hear the moaning and groaning and complaining?  I hope so, cause is another way to get the little monsters to have to do some chores for me.  Ya know, complaining drains the energy I had reserved to do the dishes and laundry and vaccum….so now I’ll need their help to get that done, since they took all my energy *wink, wink*

…yep the crockpot is wonderful!

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  1. Oh Aida, I’m sorry you lost your reply but I like this one! and I’m sorry you don’t like licorice! See you tomorrow night!

  2. Tracy…I have no idea how I did it…but I lost the reply I was writing…did you get it?
    Tsk! I did have a few more words…I love to behold the Word of God!

    Licorice doesn’t pass my lips…hence, I won’t say much about Good n Plenty…I do like the colors, though…:)

    Mostly, I want to say I think you are wonderful and the BEST…I love you!

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