Mrs. Paul

Mrs. Paul is a wonderful woman. As I’ve come to know her over the last couple of years. I know enough about her to know I can count my blessings that she raised my future husband.  She is sweet, lovely, caring, sentimental, submitted, soft, and a dear, dear woman. Her husband chose well and I see the love they still carry for each other.

You know you have a good man when he loves his momma. Not in a momma’s boy way but in a way that shows utmost respect and love for the woman who gave him life.  My soon to be husband…in 5 days…loves and honors his parents. They are very much his best friends and they are very much supportive and protective of their boy. I knew the moment we met that this woman would be an important part of my life. I’m not sure to the extent that God has plans to use her in HIS continued growing of me, but I know God has some plans in this relationship.

All this to say, I have been asked to be Mrs. Brek Paul.  Being a Mrs. Paul has an honor bestowed on it that I don’t take lightly. I accept the proposal with joy in my heart. Not only to be the wife of a man who I anticipate navigating life with and to forever be with my best friend(I know Bre is my best girlfriend, but this man holds my heart in a way Breanna Jo Johnson can not) but I also accept this proposal with the understanding that stepping into the role of a Mrs. Paul is nothing to take lightly. I promise to be a Mrs. Paul that will honor my husband and carry on in the integrity of character that encompasses the woman Mrs. Paul.

Almost there……details to follow!

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