People are watching

A few years ago I was told to ‘walk it out well’ because people are watching.  They want to see how a Christ follower walks out things like divorce and bankruptcy and singleness.  People are watching.  How is this Jesus you serve going to come through for you?  I completely understood what was being told to me.  I needed to walk gracefully through the quakes of life and bring Glory to God through it all.

Tonight, I saw a young man watching.  He stood next to me in worship and he watched.  He watched a young band on stage play their hearts out for Jesus.  He watched a man with ALS worship and I know he wondered how one can have such strength and determination when you are stricken with such a disease.  The boy watched 40 people make the choice to be baptized into the cleansing grace of Jesus Christ.  The boy watched his mom worship with reckless abandon.  He was watching.  My son watched and he thought and he confessed that even a tear came his way.  He lifted his hand and he had a moment. 

Yesterday, I wrote about the turning point.  The moment where God met your need and that is where you in turn get to reach others from.  But I also think that you and I have opportunities each day to impact others lives without even knowing it.  Just because you are being watched.

How are you walking the walk? and talking the talk? and living the life?  Who is watching you?  Because someone is.  You can bet on that.  You watch others right?  You wonder how can a family endure such loss and still come out the other side with hope.  You watch.  People are watching.

How will our lives be different today because we know someone is watching.  Someone is determining if the God you serve is real or not.  Someone is determining how to navigate their life based on your ability to overcome your situation.  They are depending on you to show them the way and to prove that we are more than conquerors in Christ Jesus our Lord.

People ARE watching.

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