Usually I don’t write unless God nudges me this way.  Yesterday and today there has been many nudges but nothing really desperately calling me to write. This morning I arose and read the wonderful, word filled amplified version of the bible and sat with the book Love Does by Bob Goff and then I reflected.  Here is what was revealed.

My favorite week of the year is this week.  I’m confident is has something to do with my birthday but I know that is not the only reason.  It’s the beginning of new.  It’s the new year for my husband and I, he even said that he’s always seen new things open up after his birthday.  Did you know we share the same birthday?  Weird huh?  I’m 17 hours older which is clear when we look in the mirror and inspect the aging process….so sharing the same birthday is cool but declaring it the beginning of new things is even cooler.

This week is also the week that my kids put the final touch on the beginning of school preparations.  Backpacks were purchased, pencils, pens, paper, uniforms(yes the children GET to wear uniforms to school)  personally I think it should be required at every learning institution, but that is another blog for another time.  The kids begin talking about what the classrooms will look like and who they’ll sit by and what kind of lunches they’ll pack.  I begin reminding them to prepare to study hard and have a plan for succeeding in school.  They roll their eyes and continue doing their own preparation.

This week is still full of warm sunshiny sun but it cools down in the evenings and the mornings are brisk and fresh(unless there is a forest fire in the area and then the mornings are less fresh).  I like the smoke that usually blows through during this time of the year too…because it is a reminder that new things are coming.  The old is burning away and God does new things.

This week is the eve of routine.  When school starts we start a routine.  I try hard not to loose it completely during the summer but it usually gets lost.  Next week it returns.  We’ll get up at that same time everyday, we eat breakfast together, we go to school(I go to work without telephone calls from the children wondering when I’ll be home), we do homework, we do sports practice, we eat dinner together, we go to bed at the same time.  Routine.  I believe God created it for a purpose.  It is order and God is a God of order.  He knows the number of hairs on your head and has a name for each star and he even knows the number of grains of sand that populate our beaches.  He has an order for all things.

I think God loves this week as well, I think He anticipates the new start that August 30th holds for the Paul’s. God is ready to reveal His plan, to establish His order and to show that there is a time for every season under heaven.

Routine.  Order.  Come Holy Spirit come!

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