Blogging to Friends

I love that Webster updates his dictionary to meet the new language of our day:

Blog: online diary on Web site; a frequently updated personal journal chronicling links at a Web site, intended for public viewing

I do enjoy reading blogs and writing blogs.  I actually really love reading in general.  Currently, as you know, I’m reading Love Does by Bob Goff, and at the same time I’m reading The Meaning of Marriage by Timothy Kelly.  I’m also reading a fictional fun book about the pioneer days but that is neither here nor there….

This morning, as I’m reading in The Meaning of Marriage book, I come across some important truths that I must share with my friend.  I’d love to share them with you but you’d find that blog to be a bit politically incorrect and perhaps a little opinionated and lot of hard cold truth of God’s word.  I’m guessing you’re more of seeker sensitive crowd and don’t care to get caught up in my musings on such things…I know….I don’t give you enough credit and hopefully you understand I’m just jesting.  Truth be told the word this morning was meant only for her.  So I blogged to my friend.

Sometimes words that we blog aren’t meant for public eyes.  Perhaps they are meant only for our personal journals or for one simple friend.  I’ve read some blogs lately that seem to be a personal journal put out for all to see.  It made me feel uncomfortable reading the words and even as if perhaps I was doing something wrong, almost like I  I stumbled across FBI files that weren’t for my eyes.  Have you ever seen anything posted for the public that you thought perhaps should have been keep to ones self?  I even think of bumper stickers or tattoos…I just wonder if sometimes we don’t exercise enough restraint.

do not read

That being said, you didn’t get the blog I wrote this morning because I sent it to the only one that was meant to read it.  Perhaps someday God will give me a blog just for you.  Until then…hang tight, I’m about to post a blog about our summer and all the great fun we had discovering life as a new family.


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