This week my job landed me at the Oregon Medical Group Management Association conference here at the Riverhouse Convention Center.  My team and I set up a little exhibit booth amongst the big shots of medical group business support.  This was our first time at this particular gathering and were not sure if we were at the right venue to promote our business. I still haven’t concluded if it was the ‘right’ place for us to market our business but I do know it was the ‘RIGHT’ place for my team and I to be for lunch on Thursday.

Rita Davenport drew my attention during lunch the moment she began speaking because she is southern, oh how I love the southern accent.  Maybe in my next life I can be born in Tennessee and speak like her and Beth Moore and Dolly Parton! 

Many of the things Ms. Davenport spoke of I was sure must have some scriptural truth in them because most of what she said seemed biblical to me!  Almost every other point she made inspired a blog in my mind, so you’ll be hearing more of these truths that she spoke of, but I began to wonder….

…is all Truth God’s truth?

My opinion is ALL truth comes from the word of God, it just doesn’t all come with a scripture reference.  If you speak a truth, its from God.  No doubt about it! 

Truth is the accurate assessment of what has, is or will happen.  Truth provides for us a proper relational understanding of acts, events and situations.  Falsehood is confusion of Truth.  We must interpret everything not by what we feel, what we believe or even hope. We handle God’s truth all the time but we don’t always discern it as such because we use truth only for our own purposes, we don’t bring full glory to God.  

As you go about your day tomorrow and you hear ‘truths’, I wonder if you would bring GLORY to God for the truth that is HIS!

My favorite truth from Ms. Davenports presentation was:

You will be as happy as you make up your mind to be.

Where do you suppose that is found in God’s word?


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  1. John Chapter 1
    Jesus, the Christ, the Word, the Truth.
    God reaches into my mind and helps me join in Christ’s mind.

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