He hears.

Sing praises to The Lord, for he has done gloriously; let this be made known in all the earth. Isaiah 12:5

The women lifted their voices and hearts to The Lord. The guitar accompanied us that morning and the sweet voices sang gently to our Father. As I was worshipping and giving all my heart and attention to the Glorious Creator I knew He had arrived. For where two or three are gathered in my name, there am I among them. Matthew 18:20

About 25 women gathered in one place to worship Him and learn from His word. Each week we gather but this week my God gave me a big picture. I sat silently and heard the beauty of the praise that was being offered. Tears filled my eyes as I saw us from a heavenly realm. Women in desperate need of an encounter with Jesus. I could see a glimpse from heaven of God resting and listening to the praises of his people. Not just our praises, but I imagined many small groups such as ours gathered around in the same neighborhood, in the same city, around our state, in the states of america, all over each country….offering themselves, at this very moment, giving praise to whom all Glory is given. I imagined God smiling, as I was, at that very moment.

I know there is a lot of bad stuff happening in our world today. Things that we don’t mention and things that are spread all over the news. I’m sure there could have been things in the houses around us that broke the heart of Jesus but for this one moment I felt the sweetness in the room we were in and I knew God could bask in the Glory given him by these small gatherings while at the same time taking on the downfall of humankind. I knew that it was in these moments that God was glorified and that he took note and perhaps even took a moment to listen and hear these insignificant women give praise to him.

I don’t think these moments go unnoticed. I think God takes time to join us and to minister to us through his Holy Spirit. I think he hears each group that is gathered, each woman or man that is worshiping alone in the shower, each child that says a small prayer before entering school, each doctor before he goes into surgery. I think our God cares about these moments and as they all occur at one time the sweet sounds rise and fill the heavens and God is bless

He Hears.

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