Acceleration is happening


I has been many days since I have had the opportunity to write. I am not yet done with picking apart Romans 8:29 & 30 so if you are checking back for that please know that it is coming!!

I’ve been a bit distracted by life. This idea of acceleration that The Lord shared with me to start my year is really showing up and astounding me. The acceleration of progress, of movement toward my destination is in full swing. I’m seeing it in so many areas and I wish I had the liberty to share the details but some things are best left unsaid. There has been quicker resolution to challenges and a The Lord is unveiling more and more of the call He has on my life.

I used to think that if I were to receive a ‘call’ I would have received it in my early 20’s, developed it through my 30’s and would be well into living out my purpose on this earth now. I would be at my prime in God’s design, right now, in these years. But I have come to understand that there is not one call, there are lots of little callings that work together in our big picture. The older I get the more I understand this. The more I see purpose in the small things, the more I rejoice in the little victories and the more I trust in the place God has me in the NOW.

The ‘acceleration’ has come. Things in my past with certain people that would have turned into a week long or month long or year long division, now have resolved themselves in minutes or in days. This is acceleration. It may be proof of God’s work in the other persons life but in mine I see it as the fulfillment of God’s word, that this is the year of acceleration for me. I see it in the work that God is doing in my children. They are maturing and responding to leadership in our family more readily then ever. They are experiencing the fruit of their faith and obedience. I’m seeing it in my business, where speed bumps aren’t road blocks and implemented changes take root faster then before. I’m seeing it in the development of my passions, God is unveiling purpose in things that didn’t seem purposeful. He is reveling a path that He may place me on, a path that excites me and encourages me and gets my blood pumping. I see God’s handy work in all these places and within my heart. Accelerating things to move them along to the place we need to go, together.

God is at work. Acceleration is happening and I sit in awe.

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