The table

I find it very ironic that 4 day ago I told you I would post a blog about how I live out my purpose, which is to bring glory to God. One would think that bringing Glory to God or being a vessel of God’s Glory would require follow through and an adherence to ones word… But that is not always the case.

You see for me, one of the main ways that God’s Glory is revealed in and through my life is through my flexibility to allow life to happen. I have had time that I could steal away and write but other things have drawn me, these very things that God allows in my life, in order that I may live out my purpose which is to follow him and bring him glory. It’s all about him and what he is doing. So my agenda goes out the window and day by day, hour by hour to the best of my earthly ability I seek him and his purpose.

My dining room table was a big square block of wood, pub height, sat 8 people and filled up my small little dining space from wall to wall. It was horrible! The table was beautiful but it was horrible for the space. We rarely used it and I have desperately wanted to get rid of it. I was willing to just have picnic dinners on the floor in order that this huge thing would be gone!

When I was growing up we had a round kitchen table with 4 chairs. We would have dinner there. We would talk there. We would learn there. Important things, like: keep all four legs of the chair on the ground. Don’t pick fruit out of the salad bowl with the fork you’ve eaten off of, or dad will thunk you with his fork. My dad would drink coffee and eat his peanut butter and butter toast there while reading the newspaper. We would commune with each other at this table and build relationship. I loved that round table.

After I posted my last blog on Wednesday I found this:


This is a round table. It is not my dream table but it is round and small and fit within my budget. I snagged it up and sold my block of wood all within 12 hours.

We ate dinner at this table, the 4 of us, and I was giddy with excitement. We talked and ate and laughed and God was glorified.

That is how God works his purpose in my life. He uses tables and things that seem the least expected to be glorious.

Sinks too….but that is another story for another time. Until then live out his purpose in your life. It’s the same as mine! Glorify God. Make him famous!

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