The making of a man, its a beautiful thing

This is a testimony from a once single mom who had dashed hopes for a whole family and high anxiety about how she was going to raise a boy into a man without a dad in the home. This is a testimony about how God just makes stuff happen and when you trust Him with your kid, God will fill in the gaps. This is me testifying that I am a woman and only men can raise a man.

Today, I am completely distracted by thoughts of my husband and son. Mr. Paul is a wise man and when I married him I had high hopes of him not only being my life partner but also somehow impacting the lives of my children, especially my son.

It is happening. Naturally and beautifully.

This week the weight room at our shop has been abuzz with the sounds of two guys throwing around weight. I hear a wise man teaching an impressionable young man, the art of testosterone use and muscle building. I hear great communication like the sound of silence and a grunt here or there. I heard the boy say “ya, you spit in my face that last time” and heard the response “sorry, that happens”, then little chuckles from each one.

These two worked on a job a couple of weeks ago, helping a lady in our community haul some junk to the dump. They did another job at an old couples house in Eagle Crest and hauled away a truck load of weeds. Last night they left for the weekend to build a fence. My son knows he’s paid $10 an hour and has a certain amount of money to feed himself for the weekend. My husband is teaching him how to use that money wisely and perhaps end up with some of it left over and in his pocket at the end of the weekend.

My son is learning and studying to be a man from one of the most patient, caring men I know. If he turns out to be a reflection of Jesus, like Mr. Paul is, this world will be a better place. The future is bright. There is hope for this soon to be 15 year old and I for one am thrilled about it. I’m watching the making of a man, its a beautiful thing.

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  1. That is beautiful! This brought me to tears Tracy! Praising God with you for the work he is doing in your family! I imagine that Mr. Paul’s heart/life are being transformed by earning the trust and friendship of your sweet boy. Nothing says bonding like getting spit in the face by dad!

  2. Good blog,but who were the OLD couple in Eagle Crest they helped out.We live in that area.What a coincidence! Grand Pa

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