My big question lately is am I living a life of significance?  Will what I do today, matter tomorrow?

When I ask questions like this, its easy to see all the things that I haven’t done, the things that are super INsignificant and I question my worth.  Couldn’t I have done better today?  Did I fail him?  Will they grow up well?  I know I dropped the ball…blah blah blah.

I’m reading two books now.  Blogging frequently about the book I’m reviewing, but I can’t quote things out of this book because that wouldn’t be fair to the author.  I can and will continue to share with you what that little book “Ruthless” is doing in my life…it is ruthless that’s for sure.  The questions it brings up are stretching me and building a firm foundation about what I know about God.

This second book “Chasing Daylight” by Erwin Raphael McManus, is taking me by storm.  Here is the key paragraph that gave me the assurance that my life is significant, no matter what!

“A person’s life does not require some extraordinary event to distinguish it.  A life well lived can be equally inspiring and its contribution also great.  Sometimes that transformation is best seen through failure, defeat, or even death.  Other times the miracle is wrapped around how God comes through in the midst of all that uncertainty”

My life does not require some extraordinary even to distinguish it.  It doesn’t require a book well written, or a microphone, or a degree…it requires a determination to life life well.  How do I intend on doing that?  One day, one moment, one opportunity at a time.

Today I will:

  • Meet with a friend and give her all the encouragement I have in me
  • Pray for my children
  • Pay bills at work
  • Build policy’s and procedures for our new software system at work
  • Guide my son through homework and organization
  • Meet with the principle and bring her a smile
  • Play volleyball with my daughter and her team and celebrate a season well done
  • Love my husband and cherish him
  • Pet my pups and give them a treat
  • View everything that I do as bringing glory to God

These are just the things I KNOW will happen, can you imagine what will come that I don’t even know about?



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