I just finished 36 hours of…A LOT!

With work and kids and Halloween(UGH) and problems with my jaw(clearly I should write more and talk less)….my life was a mini tornado since Wednesday afternoon.

This morning, as I woke up my first thoughts were of the God who went before me.  Prayer consumed me and as I did my check-in and praise-in with my God, I knew He heard every word and it has been a sweet morning.  I read chapter from the book I’m reviewing on just this very topic of God hearing every word.

I know some good listeners in my life.  My mom and dad listen to every word I say.  My best friend listens.  My husband listens, it’s a blessing to have a husband that listens.  He talks a lot too, but I’d like to think I’m a good listener for him.  Its nice to have a conversation with someone who listens.  I’ve done lots of talking in the last 36 hours and I hope the people I’ve addressed have listened.  Listening is so important to the talker.

As I speak to God all day long, its very important for me to believe HE listens.  Sometimes I’ve been inclined to believe maybe God doesn’t listen to every word I say, but he does.  He even listens to the words I wish He didn’t hear.  Its true, some things I say are not fit for the King of the Universe…shame on me.  He loves me in spite of these things but He does listen.

I’m still contemplating the thought that if I really believe God HEARS my prayers, how will my prayer life be different?  Sometimes I do pray the repetitious prayers that, now as I think about it, may be kind of rude to a God who listens.  Can you imagine having the same conversation over and over again with the person in your life who listens to you?  Saying the same thing time and time again…If I had someone like that in my life I would probably begin avoiding that person.  Thank you, God that you listen despite our repetition and that avoidance isn’t part of your character….you are a close, personal God.

Knowing that God hears every word I pray is going to change my prayer life today. 

Thank you Lord for the last 36 hours.  Thank you for sustaining me and preparing the way for me.  Thank you for helping me do the tough things in life and thank you for the new things you allowed.  I pray for peace and direction for my family member that needs it and I pray that as you hear my each and every word, as you listen, that we would build a relationship that is deep and pleasing to you.


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