Lord, Please give me understanding

“Hey, lets read through the Psalms together” ~ She boldly offers because they are poetic and a great place for someone to start reading the bible. 

NO THEY AREN’T!!  Well at least not Psalm 2.  Can you say gibberish?  So as not to discourage the whole lot of you that may be reading the Psalms with us, please start your bible reading with the simple prayer “Lord, help me to understand your word”.

This whole Psalm shows us the nature of sin, and the terrible results of it if it could reign.  David and his buddy Nathan probably wrote Psalm 2 as they were assessing the days and times they lived in.  They were a little bugged by the nations rising up against each other and not following the King.  He is particularly put off because he was the king that God put in Jerusalem and countries attacking David were basically countries attaching God!  David knew this was upsetting to God Himself!

Then David refers to the fact that he also became God’s son. (V 7).  You and I are also God’s children if we choose to follow him as our Lord and Savior.  Remember back in Psalm 1 how when we follow God we are firmly planted and the Lords hand is upon all we do and we don’t wither away?  Well here David is saying the same thing and warning the Leaders to obey the king, this is what “kiss his son” means.  David the king is God’s son and God wants His people to follow those whom He has set in Godly authority over you.

Psalm 2 is also about Jesus. The prophets said that Jesus would be king of all the nations. David never ruled the whole world, but Jesus will rule the whole world. He is preparing his return and he will come back to the Earth and establish His kingdom! ~wait you didn’t know that…well He’s a-comin’, better be ready because someday every knee will bow and every tongue confess that Jesus is Lord!  But seriously this is a study for another time….Psalm 2 is enough truth for us to grasp today.

Let’s just cut to the chase here, for you and I, the practical application is found in verse 11 & 12:

1. Worship the Lord with reverent awe

2. Blessed (happy, fortunate, and to be envied) are all those who seek refuge and put their trust in Him!

The true reason why people are opposed to Christ’s truth of sin in our life or not being ‘all in’ for Jesus is our hatred of the restraints of Godliness.  We just don’t like the rules and the regulations.  This is the warning that David and  his buddy were giving to the kings and rulers of the world at the time.  You better straighten up or God’s not gonna be happy. If we aren’t obedient to God and give Him Lordship then we too suffer.  Wait, we also suffer when we give God our everything.  But the difference is when you submit to God’s lordship you are blessed and God fights for you! It is really not about following the rules for the sake of the rules, its about being obedient to Christ out of reverence to Him as the King that God has put over us.  It is about obeying so that it is well with our souls.

Trust Him

Obey Him

Follow Him





The true reason of the opposition of sinners to Christ’s truth, viz.: their hatred of the restraints of godliness.

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  1. Notice the script. Do you see the same conglomeration in place of the apostrophe that I do? By the way, I just finished up reading the epistles and was wondering what to go to next in my morning bible reading. Psalms!!! The perfect answer. A psalm a day for 150 days…..I’m on board 🙂 I figure with Gods word, my daughters words, and Leslie Brandt’s words in Psalms Now, I should be good to go with the perfect way to start my day.

    Love you

    Sent from Fran’s iPad


    1. I see nothing weird! You must be on an iPad? Be sure you are on the mobile site…ah forget it! I’ll help ya later old lady! Lol. Love you! Thanks for reading:)

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