Welcome to Blog Reader Blog Retreat 2014!

Come with me on this journey…you have just arrived at this beautiful place, Camp Lutherwood, where angels dance and do cartwheels in the sun

You are anticipating a weekend of rest and restoration and peace. You’ve settled into a comfy adirondack chair with a nice glass jar full of life sustaining water and the next thing you know, you go to take a drink and find this:

Peace gone, heart racing…you’ve arrived at camp!

I took a walk this morning and the memories of this “place set apart” came back like rushing water. The people are different, the places are similar yet some growth and newness has been built, but it is all very much the same.

I’m staying in the “Cottage” formerly known as the “Site house”, the very place I lived for a year or so….Home. I didn’t hear the mice in the walls, thank you Jesus, and i didn’t die of the heat last night, precious storm blew through. Thunder and lightening…Angels clearly bowling after their dance party. I have loved every bit of the last 15 hours and so look forward to our weekend together.

Dear BR (Blog Reader), I so wish you could be here to feel and see and experience the land, the atmosphere, the flies(HA!), the people, the places, but THIS little space on the internet map will be where you come to retreat with me. I will do my best to write up my, oh so humble, teachings that The Lord has put on my heart and will lead us by His Spirit this weekend. Be patient as you wait for each one to be posted. This is a journey and as I am led by the Holy Spirit so will my time to sit and type be given or taken away as He leads me this weekend.

The theme is “Celebrating the Story”…we are starting tonight off right in the beginning with the message “Prepare the way of The Lord” Mark 1:1-8.

Gather your bible, I’ll be using the amplified version because I love words and descriptions and I want us to experience the FULLNESS of this story of Christ the messiah. I want us to look at it with NEW eyes. I want us to put aside the rendition of the birth, crucifixion, and resurrection we just know. The cute little story of the nativity, the “ya-ya” Christ died and rose again attitude, and really have a new fresh look at the PEOPLE in these verses and GOD’S STORY in their very broken, very real lives.

Join me…get a paper and a pen and lets RETREAT!

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