Coming Out of the Closet

You guys are so funny! Yesterday, 150 of you clicked on a link to my blog.  Do you think it had anything to do with the title “I’m Expecting”?  Don’t we all just like a little gossip?  Isn’t it fun to think there might be something more scandalous behind the fake Facebook status updates that portray us as all put together and really pretty, all of the time!  I know most of you probably clicked that link and found out that I wasn’t expecting a baby and just clicked right back to browse the Facebook feed for something more exciting, but I hope that some of you read the words I wrote.  And I hope you’ll read these…..

The other day I was searching for some Christmas wrapping paper in my closet and I found this:


These are years and years of words written by my very own hands.  These are filled with scandalous secrets and precious truths. These words date back to 1987.


This journal was given to me in 1987 from Terry and Rozann Dotson (Amy Dotson’s Ma & Pa).  This journal holds the pages where it all started.


I was a poet. First Entry:

The Day

Another day creeps by, setting under the auburn sky.

More dreams are cremated, replaced by new ones freshly created.

Old pains are uplifted, and new ones in-scripted.

Many joys are left to roam, while new adventures are being carved in stone.

These days that were never-ending, are now gone and forever remembering.

I remember being a 16-year-old little girl with fears and hopes and dreams and hurts.  I used a pen to put on paper what was happening inside of me and I believe these journals are the very things that God designed to be my comfort, my sword, and my peace.  I will use these journals to share with you some great words.  None of them will be scandalous.  Those are words that only I will see (and perhaps those that come after me).  But you, you my friends, will read my poetry and learn from my bible studies and together we’ll reminisce.

Oh and look at these precious angels.


They were in the closet too and now they are in my bible.  Aren’t they just delicious?

What’s in your closet?  Go take a look…I’ll bet you find treasures too!

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