Celebrate in His Name

Merry Christmas Eve!

Today, I love that my baking is done, that I have dip & chips and that its snowing.

As we wrap up this year, I find it very fitting that my holiday celebrations have been so very different from years past.  My parents and brother were not in Bend for Thanksgiving.  This Christmas Eve, my husband is working and I’m at home.  The kids are enjoying time alone and I sit here, enjoying the snow and watching Downton Abbey over again.  It is simply divine. This year has been far different then any other.  It reminds me that seasons and years change.  People change, traditions evolve, and things were not meant to remain the same.  But one things remains the same…

Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever. Hebrews 13:8

At church last Sunday my pastor shared a truth that just sat different with me for some reason…it went something like this:

‘We are to evangelize (lead others to Christ) not for the purpose of their salvation but to bring Glory to the Son of God’.

I think it is traditional to celebrate Christmas, as the coming of the Savior of the World.  The one who would restore mankind to God but what if we look at it from God’s point of view and remember that God sent His son on this mission to earth in order that JESUS be glorified.  Sure, its grace to you and grace to me but isn’t it really just all about Jesus?  Isn’t it all about the Glory of God.  When you make Jesus the king of your life and purpose not to say anything or do anything that would bring dishonor to His name, you Glorify the Son of God and the purpose of Christmas is satisfied.

This Christmas Eve I leave you with this poem that I wrote for my family many years ago, I pray that you remember the reason for this season.  I pray that you honor your family name and bring Glory to the One who paid it all and that you love the ones that God has sewed into your life.

Our family was formed many years ago, perhaps leading back to a precious angel. Who so carefully chose each of our hearts and brought us together, each with a special part.

There are those strong in heart and others bold in spirit.  One with strength to endure and one with words to encourage.  Some who have knowledge and stories to share.  And some who bring laughter and fun throughout the year.

We are each our own in this basket of love, our gifts intertwined to provide just enough.  

I give thanks for my family, so special to me.  

A blessing from above, we should follow the lead.

As we continue to give to those who are added and strive to live with the love of those past us.  

All praise to the King, who created our circle.  Celebrate in His name the source of this miracle.


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