We got our Christmas Tree on December 3rd.  This year will be the first year celebrating Christmas in our new home and the first year since we’ve been married that we will have a tree big enough to house ALL of my ornaments.  We have room for a big tree and so we got this….bare-tree

A large 10 foot tree!  Isn’t it beautiful?  We went big because we have room.  The problem is we found some lights that we liked but the store was out, so we ordered them to be shipped to us…in the busy shopping season and during a snow storm.  BAD IDEA!  They took    F O R E V E R     to get here.

But not all was lost, as we sat for a week with a big green tree in our living room.  I began to contemplate: why on earth do we cut trees down and put them into our homes anyway? Clearly it’s odd… Do you see the way Buddy is looking at me while I take a picture of the tree?


Before there was the Christmas Tree as we know it today, there were festive people, that in festive seasons, would decorate their homes with fresh pine, spruce or fir.  True, some of these people thought evergreens kept evil away (silly) but festive none the less.  Others celebrated the Winter Solstice (longest day of the year 12/21 ish) by bringing in evergreens and reminding them that the sun-god was strong and summer would return!  Then, of course, there are those Egyptians that saw the evergreen palms as a symbol of triumph over death.

I’m all about the smell of an evergreen but I’m not sure that evil runs from the green trees or Oregon would be free of evil and, well, we know that is far from the truth.  And I love the reminder that the SUN is strong and it will return again.  (I love to be warm). As far as those Egyptians, the only one triumphing over death is our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, but I think they were referring to their gods….so I bet they are disappointed at this point.

Anyhow, the good old German Christians started the tradition of bringing the decorated trees into their homes and it seems as if Martin Luther may have been the one to add candles to his tree.  Fun facts!

I cherish the tree tradition because it brings soft light into my living room.  It creates an atmosphere of contemplation, as I gaze upon each unique ornament and remember the years gone by. And for me, it is a reminder that we are in a season of remembrance of the birth of our Savior and King.  I don’t need a tree to remember or to celebrate but I enjoy the significance and welcome the light!


My recliner usually sits where that chair is but we moved it over here by the fire because, well, fire!


Merry Christmas Tree Decorating to you!


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  1. Absolutely Beautiful Tree!! How very warm and inviting your home is. Great job decorating and thank you for sharing your story of Christmas. How time goes by. The memories are so vivid of my earlier times at Christmas. Tonight I watched my eight year old Grandson carry a large star to Bethlehem in his Christmas program. Last year he was the Inn Keeper. Each year that passes my heart aches just a little more… Enjoy this Christmas Tracy and hold tight to every moment. Love you🎄🎄❤️😘🌉🌠🙏🏻

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