It has been 340 days since my last post.  I have been MIA for 8160 hours. Why, you ask?  Well let me tell you!


After the new year, I dove head first into finishing my ACBC counseling exam and in April I started the supervision phase of the certification.  After writing 92 pages in exam answers and meeting with my supervisors for 15 hours to discuss 51 hours of counseling cases I was working on, I PASSED!  I’m now officially a certified biblical counselor with ACBC! I still have my “real job” and run my small business successfully but now I have a wonderful opportunity to serve the church within my calling to walk alongside those who want help with their hurts or hang-ups!

That’s enough to explain WHY I haven’t written here but let me add to the mix that we moved out of our house for 2 months this spring while HGTV renovated our home!  Yes, I’m serious.

When we moved into our home 2 years ago, we were convinced that God would use our home for His kingdom.  Sure enough, we have the privilege to host community group of now 20-30 adults and their children in our home every week.  We share a meal and discuss God’s word!  It is beautiful and we are blessed.  However, the kitchen had an awkward set up and the space was not used well. In addition we have some killer views to the north, from the South Sister all the way past Smith Rock to Brasada Ranch!  But from the kitchen breakfast bar you stared at a wall full of cabinets and the windows were so small.  We wanted to renovate and after seeing an ad that HGTV was looking for homes to renovate, we applied and were accepted!  Karrie Trowbridge over at and her fantastic son Tristan came in and renovated our upstairs for their first full season of Mom and Me!  The show will air early 2019! Be on the lookout! I can’t post pictures yet but here are some before pictures:

Don’t judge…its a beautiful kitchen BUT the layout was horrible and WAIT UNTIL YOU SEE THE AFTER PICTURES! You will die!  Seriously, if you need work done on  your house contact the Trowbridge family!  LOVE IT!

Lastly, I found out in late spring that I’ll be a grandmother any day now!  If that is news that doesn’t take your words away….

Grandma Tracy coming to a blog post near you!  I’m not sure what to expect as I embark upon this new adventure, but I assure you, YOU will be a part of it!  My son’s life is about to change radically, much more than mine, but one thing I know…GOD works all things together…and I believe that even this unconventional turn of events will bring GREAT things for us all.  I’ll gladly welcome Aksel James into our lives because GOD has determined that this little boy will be my first grandson!  Bless!

That’s where I’ve been this year, not to mention my daughter is a SENIOR and applying to colleges very far away from me…but lets not go there yet!  Looking forward to ending the year well and starting the new year with gusto…picking up this blog pen again!

Where have you been?


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  1. What a wonderful Christmas gift I just received. Love your blog and so happy you are writing on it again. Although I am also very proud of the work you have done to get your Biblical Counseling credential. You, I’m certain, will be a blessing to many in need of your wise counsel. Love you to the moon Tracy.

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