I am a mother

I am a mother.

And whereas I love this day that we have set aside to celebrate motherhood and don’t get me wrong I loved receiving my favorite bottle of wine and flowers for my kids, I have a little question for us to consider. Shouldn’t we really be celebrating The Giver of Life and the One who is actually responsible for making it possible to be a mom!

That’s what I celebrate today and that’s where my focus is and I hope you’d entertain letting that be your focus too! I think as our culture has commercialized Mother’s Day, it perhaps has done a disservice to our faith and walking in freedom and in partnership with Christ. You see, when we have any opportunity to have our focus turned to self or to have our desires tempted towards wanting others to notice us or to honor us, we get things flipped upside down and it feeds the idols of your heart.

So, moms soak up all the love, respect and admiration you receive today, but guard your heart and if for some reason you aren’t noticed or honored or respected today… don’t let that bring you down, don’t let that ruin you. Turn your eyes to the One and only Creator of all things, the One who gave you the gift of motherhood, the One that made it possible for you to bear children and to be a mother. He loves you. He’s proud of you. He made you to make those little ones in your life. And turn your eyes to those little ones…I can say being a mother of adult children has allowed me the perspective to look back and to cherish the blessings I was given through them. If you still have little ones that tax you all day long, if you have teenagers that press the limits, don’t grow weary, but turn your eyes back to the One and only Father, Creator, Sustainer, the One who gave you the blessing of children! Soak it in let your heart be full of the only One who should fill it!

And I say to the women who never bore children or raise children, you too are a mother. God created you to be nurturing, to nurture life, to raise other women in Christ. So don’t let our culture push you out of this day of remembrance. We are all mothers. We give life and love and nurture and support to countless people around us, and it’s because that’s what God created women to do. You are unique and you are unique because of the Creator. There is none like you and your value comes not from the fact that you are a mother, your value comes from being a child. A Child of God!

So, I guess this message is really not to mothers, or women it is to those who aren’t yet a child of God or who have not yet given Lordship over to Jesus Christ. This message is for YOU, because it’s your time. If you want to know what true love is and how it feels to walk in freedom and to be of importance to someone… look to Christ! He chose to pay your debt. Don’t worry we all have a debt to God. We’ve all fallen short of righteousness before God but for Christ. He made a way for you and I to be reconciled this Almighty God of the universe and He made the way because He genuinely loves you. I don’t care what you’ve done, how big or how little you think your sin is, and neither does Christ. Because before you were even formed, He chose to pay the debt for you! That is true love. He simply waits for you to turn to him and give him Lordship of your life so that you never have to be alone or feel unloved or discarded or not at peace ever again! Happy child of God day, My Friend!

Be at Peace!

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  1. Very good Tracy.Now go get your COVID shot. You will protecting others.Think of it that way please. Love you. Dad

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