Life is defined by firsts. Your first steps, your first words, the first time you rode a bike, first kiss, all the first. I remember the first time I met my husband face to face and the exact feeling I had when I knew God had brought him right to me. I remember the first time I gave a speech and how nervous I was and I remember loving it. I remember the fun times in high school, the awkard moments, the rebellious ones too. I remember college girlfriends, late night talks, washing a red sock with all my whites. I remember the rain in the Oregon valley and not going to classes because of it. I remember the moment I found out I was pregnant with little Noah and I remember his sweet smell. I remember when God gave me a daughter and how much I anticipated her arrival. I remember the day, the moment, the very spot where I knew, that I knew, that I knew, I was Jesus’ beloved daughter. That moment marked me for life and it happened at a little outdoor summer camp, where I began my mission to disciple others and grow in the power and knowledge of Christ.

Today is a whole basket of firsts. First time away from my husband for such a long time. First time flying to Europe. First time joining a team on a mission trip. First time preparing to teach english to Slovenian youth at summer camp. But it is not my first time at camp. And I’ll tell you that the thought of re-entering the camp environment and anticipating the changes that will take place in my heart and in the heart of the youth we are going to serve, just has me full of anticipation and hope!

I usually start my day with one thought, one phrase: “God whatever you allow today, so be it, lets do it!”

Will you come along on the journey with me? Will you pray that Jesus does the work that only HE can do? Will you join me in waking up everyday with the determination to do life with exuberance, no matter what God has for you? Will you look for ‘firsts’ that you can capture and grab onto these moments that you’ll remember for a lifetime?

Whatever it is, so be it, let’s do it!

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  1. Whatever God has for you today, do it well and with Joy! He has great plans for you even on days you don’t feel well. I love you!

  2. Dear Tracy,

    Thank you so very much for sharing with me. I know you will have and be an amazing influence on the children at your camp. God has most definitely given them the perfect gift of you!!
    Haven’t been feeling well lately, but your words have inspired me to work hard at making changes and start today!
    You have reminded me of all the wonderful blessings in my life that God has given me. Being human, I sometimes forget the truly important people in my life. Selfish in giving back the love, kindness and thoughtfulness to others that mean so much to me.
    I’m now up and making a long list of to do things that hopefully will make me a better person in every way.
    Right now I’m thanking God for you, Tracy! I love you with all my ❤️ heart and so thankful for the family God has given me.
    You have no idea just how important it was for me to read this from you this morning. God sent you and your message at just the right time.
    I love you sweetie with all my heart.
    Aunt Kathi

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