Answering the question

What would you do if you thought you might succeed?

I asked this question on social media and got the following responses

~Circumnavigate the world in a sailboat

~Start my own consulting business

~Make sure that every person on this planet has heard about the love and redemption of Christ.


~Run for Mayor of Portland

I loved these! All of these things are completely do-able! Perhaps they have a plan or maybe its just a small inkling in the back of their mind but every single one of these things are risks that should be taken! They just might succeed!

My husband and I started a non-profit a few years ago, just to build the foundation of a dream. We didn’t really know what God would do with it, but He’s done some great things. From Christmas Boxes to the homeless in our community to buying resources for biblical counseling to purchasing a phone for a woman fleeing a domestic violence relationship to providing medical fee support, God has not ceased to amaze us at how He’s used Hope Venture Ministries to do His good work.

I began asking myself the question, WHAT WOULD YOU DO IF YOU THOUGHT YOU MIGHT SUCCEED?, a little over a year ago. I had come to a crossroads in what I thought was God’s calling in my life. What I had poured my life into for the better part of 6 years seemed to have hit a brick wall and I felt like I was wandering aimlessly in the wilderness. I was broken and lost and sad. What was God doing? What was I to do?

Then, I went on a mission trip, and I was plucked out of my daily life and found a place where God did a great work. Yes, the mission changed me and gave me a completely different perspective, but it also gave me space to disconnect, reset and let God do His mysterious work in my heart.

2 Days after I returned from Slovenia, I had the answer to the question.

I would get my Masters Degree in Counseling and start a practice, in Jesus Name and for His people. I would embark upon a division of Hope Venture Ministries and offer a place where lives and hearts are changed by renewed hope and restored grace.

God set the path. On August 22nd I begin the journey. It will cost me time and money, but the reward will be to serve Christ through helping others and walking alongside them in their healing. The moment I decided, I felt a sense of relief and security. I knew that this purpose was planted in my heart many years ago, but I didn’t think it would ever become a reality. I thought that train had left the station years ago, that I was too old, and that I was too busy. BUT GOD…yes, He had other plans and He orchestrated all the challenges and adventures that got me to this very place.

I asked my dear mentor if she thought I was too old to go back to school and she said “My dear, not only are not too old but you wouldn’t have been wise enough before this very moment. This is your time”

I concur, this is my time, or rather God’s time and I’m doing it!

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