My Prayer

Life is hard, things change and God is present. In my time lately, as I sort through this world, I have a prayer, or more like a song in my heart. Here it is:

I am yours, you are mine, I am yours!

My hopes and my dreams,

my plans and my schemes…

All yours, they are yours!

Your sunsets…your breath,

may they keep me at rest

You are mine.

As I follow your path, so good and so narrow,

send me like a strong arrow, I am yours!

Give me peace, give me strength, give me all of your grace

I am yours, you are mine, I am yours


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  1. God bless you always, Tracy! Thank you so very much for sharing this prayer with me this morning. You always come through at a time when I need your words at just the right time.
    Love you always and forever.❤️❤️❤️❤️

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