Where it started

Some wonder where it all started.  How do you begin to write and why?  The why is actually more easy to answer than the How.  The why is because my Creator places in me words to express my feelings, thoughts to comfort others and visions to speak His truth.  That is why I must write.  It is God given, it is my call, it is my heart.

How?  Much harder now to tell you how.  The simpleness of years past have since been replaced with business, responsibility and distraction.  So the How is the challenge.  Before it would fill my time, my moments, my mind.  Now my time, my moments, my mind have been filled with my family, my responsibilities, my agenda.  Recently, God has spoken softly to me, urging me to replace MY list of what is to be done, what I am to be to others, what I am to do for God with one simple thing.  TO KNOW GOD INTIMATELY.  I am convinced as I focus on my one goal to know Him intimately, all MY list will be taken care of and MY life will become consecrated and set apart for HIM.

I asked for this in 1992.  Here was my plea: 

Father God, Molder of all
Your skillful hands work diligently
Creating my path, shaping my life
Making what you intended for me

At times I take charge of my own
My thoughts grab hold, breaking your way
I struggle in search of mindful desires
longing for direction, not leading astray

Looking to You in prayerful sighs
Remembering You work in Your good time
By faith with hope I see Your call
Withdrawing my hand, for Your precious design

Lord magnificent, Sculptor of life
Mold my heart, my soul, my mind
Take charge, be bold, and magnify
Create a masterpiece of no other kind

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