Where does time go?

It just disappears at times doesn’t it?  Where did it go today?  I woke up and now I’m going to bed.  I almost forgot to eat today had it not been my stomach reminding me of the time.  I remember Sunday vividly.  Monday not so much.  Today went so fast I feel like it happened last week.  So the question then begs, where does time go?  What do we do with our time?  Will there be a time when I look back and realize I waisted precious time?  What am I using my time for?  Will it be for things that impact the Kingdom of God or will I spend my time on the kingdom of this world?  Will I invest in eternity or just the right now? 

If I really have the goals that I’ve written, listed to the right, am I spending my time to attain those goals?  I want to say yes, I desperately want to say yes but there are moments that I have to say no.  Actually, there are things I have to say no too.  No to compromise!  No to TV! No to procrastination!  No to my idea’s of being Super-mom, Super-wife, Super-woman!  No to the enemy’s devices! 

Where does your time go?  Do you spend it on eternity?  Do you know how?  Tell me!

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