Do you know Him?

Happy Easter, Jesus the King has risen.  He conquered death for you!  Do you know Him? 

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  1. What am I doing back on this post??? Just couldn’t recall the good Rev. Lockridge’s name and it was driving me crazy. I wanted to look up this video on You Tube, but I couldn’t recall the name of it either! I still LOVE IT and by the way in response to my past post, I now have more passion as well:) It was fun to browse backwards through wells, glow sticks, teeth, tent pegs, snickers bars, mountains, nurture, laughter, Youmys and the like.

    Nice blog. I love what’s in your heart:)

  2. I would have liked to have met the Rev. S.M. Lockridge. He must have quite a legacy. I wonder what it reads on his tombstone… I LOVE the video clip! A cool find! Thanks for sharing:)

  3. Rev. S.M. Lockridge, was the Pastor of Calvary Baptist Church in San Diego, CA. (1913-2000).

    I love it! Can’t stop listening to it, it just ignites me, invites me, challenges me, keeps me close to the ONE who gives me all, all breath, all life, all time, all things, all peace, all strength, all grace! I Know HIM and I love HIM!

    Be passionate!

  4. After a few repeats all I can say is “HALLELUJAH AMEN! AND AMEN! THAT’S MY KING!” I’m challenged to take a little of that passion with me this week! TD Jakes?

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