Knock, Knock

Hello, Tracy, this is you knocking…where have you been?  No new blog in 3 days!!  hello!!!

OK so truth be told, I’m a little busy.  Bible Study, church, work, prayer night, work, raising up spiritual champions, encouraging husband, work, being obedient to God’s call, fixing really bad(not well thought out, very easy(turkey on bread or peanut butter sandwich)) dinners, NOT exercising, NOT sleeping, fasting, praying, crying, interceding, work, *****BREATHE*****, repeat!

Is that how your life is?  I actually LOVE it, all that and more that I can not even begin to write, is proof that my God loves me, that He gives me breath, that I have life!  Life abundant, life to give away, life to enjoy, LIFE!  Some people have life but they don’t LIVE.

Abundantly, overflowing, fruitful life.  It is really simple ya know…notice I didn’t say EASY, I said simple.  Life in Jesus is simple.  FOCUS on HIM and all else fades away, SIMPLE.

There I wrote, you read, we are both content, like sitting on the deck in Hawaii,watching the sun set, happy.


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