Do you know that word?  Sure ya do…

Youmy: means exchange, surrender.

You can look it up if you want but you won’t find it in any dictionary, not in the bible, not even in the greek or hebrew. 

Youmy is a word from another realm.  It comes from God’s heart.  He planted it in you.  Some of us use the word more than others but I am convinced that God wants us to use it more often.  He wants us to learn the meaning, to apply it to our lives. Youmy is a powerful word but it is not really a word the world uses.  Actually we grow up learning a completely different word, an opposite word to youmy it is nomine.  Another unfamiliar word when you first see it but we use it often.  We learned at a young age to use the word nomine as our default.  However, God would prefer us to say youmy.

  • I give you my heart
  • I surrender to you my dreams
  • I offer you my children
  • I leave you my fears
  • I give you my life

and God speaks back

  • I gave you MY only son
  • I give you MY dreams
  • I lend you MY children
  • I send you MY peace
  • I give you MY life

The perfect exchange.

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  1. Here’s another word for you from the Lord which will fit in this mode.
    You are my God and God speaks back You are my people.

    Youaremy God, I will give you thanks
    Youaremy God, I will give you praise

    The works of His Hands are Truth and Justice. Psalm 111:7a

    Youaremy Truth
    Youaremy Justice

  2. I have found my calling…to educate you on these things:)
    I stumbled upon this by mistake, didn’t even know about it really until I saw it, over and over in a song on a bigscreen. They had forgot to put the space in and I thought how profound….a new word with so much meaning.
    I’m sure your dogs and mom are happy and I trust Mr. Bevere has made some adjustments on you as well! Today was a “I give you my time” day…so as always He was productive!

  3. I’d been wondering what the opposite of nomine was… YOUMY!

    Today has been quite productive and a beautiful day to give God ALL of my youmy. I gave the dog a bath, baked my Mom cookies, read one of 2 Bevere books and learned a new word that I’ll add to my repertoire of God speak:) Sometimes I’m unaware of the knowledge that I’m lacking. Thanks!

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