What I do to recharge?

Drop kids of at grandparents, pick up a latte and drive 4 hours in Snow/sleet/rain/sunshine/snow/rain

Check into a free condo(courtesy of the parents who raised me) with fabulous husband of 12 years

Eat, buy food to bring home to eat, lay on the couch, read

Sleep in, wake up to snow on the beach, make a latte(yes I did bring the latte machine), read bible, go for a 90 minute massage with fabulous husband at a stunning spa

Shower in a SPA shower(I have re-designed my home bath to reflect a spa, construction starts as soon as I get home)

Go shopping with fabulous husband and his credit card:) (although there was not much selection, I managed to find a couple shirts, a nice new necklace and a pair of Capri’s for the spring, if it ever comes)

Back to the couch, reading again

What am I reading?     

  • God Chicks by Holly Wagner
  • Seeing through the Lies: unmasking the myths women beleive by Vonda
  • Shepherding a Child’s Heart by Tedd Tripp
  • Adam by Ted Dekker (a thriller)

Watch a little fun TV

Sleep in, wake up at 9:15, make a latte(I’m glad I brought the machine), read bible, go for a short walk(before the rain storm), shower, eat seafood at a very clean, very nice, very good seafood restaurant in Depot Bay called Tidal Raves ~I recommend the Seahawk bread as an appetizer- smoked salmon, shrimp, cheezy, yum yum.

Back to the couch, feet up, reading, planning, resting, starring at the waves..by the way how creative is our God?  Do you understand the tide?  I don’t get it, I also don’t get what seagulls do…fly, poop, fly….what else?  Interesting creatures!

Now I sit contemplating the value of 2 days to do nothing on my ‘to do’ list.

I call it necessary and divine!  I’ll see you back in the real world tomorrow, until then…


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  1. SWEET! If you had stayed one more day your activities would have become down right predictable:)

    OK, so I’m just a lil’ jealous, but my sequence of no “have to’s” is a coming:).

    I just built a fire in the woodstove on this end of April spring day and am now going to look up one of my favorite soup recipes. Happy Spring!

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