Wow!  Just got back from Westside Church’s women’s retreat.  I was honored to be a part of the panel of speakers.  I am humbled.  First, to even be considered to participate with this group of women.  Second, I am humbled at the immense pain and struggle that our women are facing.  The 250+ women had an opportunity to write down questions about the lies women believe and we, the panel, were given an opportunity to attempt to answer these questions.  I say attempt because some of them were really big and no answer would have been able to solve the problem.  Many of the questions deserved the only answer I have found to work in my life and that answer is GOD.  God can, resolve to know Him intimately and let Him put it together for you.  There are marriages falling apart on every street corner, unforgiveness eating at our souls and women in desperate need of someone to see them, to see their need and to nurture them into a place that they can be released to nurture others.


Nurture was the topic I was to focus on and let me tell you that is not an easy task, especially when I don’t consider myself to be a big ‘nurturer’ or high in mercy and compassion.  But I found that we(women) are all made with this DNA already built in us to nurture.  We were made by our creator to nurture others.  From women nurturing women, to women nurturing(encouraging) men – like Deborah did, see Judges 4, to women being so dedicated to looking out for her people that she is willing to use the only tool she has and destroy the enemy- see the story of Jael in Judges 4(Warning, graphic tent peg to the forehead story).


Here is your call to Nurture.  I found this off the website for Nurture Spa in Pennsylvania.  It sounds like a great spa but more importantly it describes the recipe that God put in you to give to others.

Nurture is here to take care of you. To make sure you get the most from your experience.  Nurture is dedicated to discovering what you need.  The style is simple and natural. The mood is warm and friendly. Every detail, every gesture is focused on you.  After time spent in our skilled, supportive hands, you’ll return to the world with calm and confidence – nurtured to your very finest.

You have something someone needs!  Find her and give it away!  Nurture her, then return her to the world with calm and confidence, so she can go find someone who needs what she has!

In Faith,


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