‘Hey, (insert your name here), this is (insert your favorite person’s name here).  I am going to take you to (the one place you’ve been waiting all these years to visit)!”

Are you kidding me, you say as you begin to worry about your job, kids, who will take care of your house, etc.

“yea, and don’t worry about your job, your kids, your house, I’ll take care of all those things!  You just need to get ready!  But there is one thing, you won’t know when I’m coming, you won’t know the day or the time so you just need to be ready, Okay?!”

Okay you say with expectant hesitancy.

“See you soon!”

Will you be ready?  What will you do to be ready on any day at any time?

Think about it, I’ll be right back.


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  1. One day is as a thousand years and one thousand years as a day. Are you ready? My next post will come, but the question is are you ready?

  2. So, the answer will have something to do with 10 Virginians and their oil lamps 🙂 or a thief in the night or…???

    You’re leaving me hanging here. Your “I’ll be right back” is paralleling Jesus as the soon and coming King, but being as it is Mother’s Day, details of linear time can be overlooked.

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