What Mountain WILL Move?

What mountain will you, TODAY, by faith throw into the sea?

I think I live a mountain moving lifestyle.  Every dead end is a start of a new path.  Every hard time is a cultivator of faith.  Every moment of mourning is followed by joy.  Every mountain in my path ends up being tossed into the sea, climbed with God or a shady place of rest!  God is faithful!  God CAN!  God will and by faith I live in HIS CAN!

Where do you live?  What mountain will you toss, climb or take a break beside? 


P.S. Are you ready?

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  1. To live in His can… Where do I live? Good points to ponder…I like that thanks:)

    Could it be that I too live a mountain moving lifestyle? My past mountains have gone by way of the sea. Today, I’m in a vast meadow surrounded by tall grand trees. I can’t see the terrain from here. God is leading me at a gentle strolling pace. Is there a mountain up ahead? Probably sometime. I just don’t know when.

    I have many friends who are currently dealing with active volcanic mountains: the lava feels hot; they’re blinded by the smoke, disoriented; they have ash in their teeth; they have to shield themselves from the rain of pumice stones; they have to watch out for the sharp glittering pieces of obsidian rock- it’s rough going.

    I’m blessed to have this time period to partner with God and walk along side my sisters as they tackle the Everest’s in their lives. To be an active participant in what God is doing-to share my shield of faith, and remind them of God’s vision when they cannot see. I am honored.

    Tracy, thanks for sharing your heart and loving me even when I’m boulder hopping!

    Love ya- Holly

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