The Well


  • A hole drilled or bored to obtain water, petroleum, natural gas, OIL.
  • A hollow compartment or depression for holding a specific item or items.
  • to rise, spring, or gush from a source
  • An apparent reservoir or source of something                              

There is no information on how biblical wells were dug but the process must have been very difficult because only crude tools were available. 

2 weeks ago, God dug a deeper well in my innermost parts.  It is the place that He fills and then uses in my life for His work.  I wasn’t aware He was digging deeper at the time.  Ya know when you are deep into working on a project and you don’t realize how hard your body is working until the next day when it is hard to walk or sit down because your muscles are sore.  Well(no pun intended), that is how this process was for me.  I was at a retreat serving on the ministering team and wasn’t even aware of the difficult process God was undertaking in my spirit to dig a deeper well for Him to fill!

I came home from retreat and the next morning woke up to an unfamiliar feeling of dryness, not like a desert but just empty.  I lived with it for 10 days:)  (Apparently, I wasn’t a quick learner).  Then I had the revelation of the ‘Well’, God had dug a deeper well and I hadn’t filled it yet.  So, even though I was filling up the same amount as before I wasn’t filling the new ‘well’ to the top and so everytime God ‘tapped in’ to do unleash His handy work, I would feel more empty than before because there was more space to be empty.

I needed to fill the well completely.  I realized this on Tuesday.  Today is Saturday.  I am full! How you say, How did you get full?  I’ll tell you next time!


Love, Tracy

PS:  I have no idea why God made a deeper well, He hasn’t revealed that yet, but I can tell you it is for His use and I will go where He says go!

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