Fill the well

So my well if full, full of living water, full of what Jesus needed to fill it with for His good work.  I am just a vessel, the keeper of the well.  It is my responsibility to keep the well uncontaminated, to keep the well full.  I have to be the available and responsible to keep the well in good working order.  It is simple really, we just don’t usually make it priority until we realize the well is nearing empty, the alarm is going off, or the water went bad.  It is then that we do the maintenance.  I’ve learned to ‘top off’ the well Daily, to keep it free of debris, to keep it primed and ready for use because when my Jesus comes to draw from the well He has placed inside of me, I have a part to play.  I have a responsibility, in order to be a prepared participant in building His Kingdom.  We have to be prepared.

So, I removed the protective lid covering the well, to expose the places that need to be filled.  We(Jesus and I),you see we(you and I) don’t have to tend the well alone.  Jesus is always waiting for us to come and tend the well, He’s always there, He always knows what the well needs and how to do it, He just needs us to go to Him as He waits by the well).  Anyway, We(Jesus and I) then took an assessment of the water, there were definitely some impurities.  Contaminated water can be caused by unforgiveness or unrepented sin.  So I allowed God’s word to examine my heart and reveal the places that needed to be cleansed in order for the water to be pure. 

I forgive…..

Please forgive me Lord for…. 

and in an instant I am clean, so simple yet so hard.  Just confess and instantly because of the blood of Jesus washed pure as snow, clean, new, forgiven..ahhhhhh.

Now simply bask in the grace, in the understanding of forgiveness, in the precious presence of the Holy Spirit.

dribble, dribble, drop, drop, stream, steady stream, running water, full, fuller, overflowing.  Full

Filling the well, so important, so necessary, our part in His plan!

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