Eat to the Glory of God, by Francis Chan

I love snickers and this makes it all the more better…to the Glory of God

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  1. Now your getting crazy, talking about living without chocoloate, I’m not in anyway suggesting that, I’m just saying~the beauty you are in is God’s Glory. Chocolate is like icing on the cake…never give it up, I say, never!

  2. What?! Okay. you’re right:) After a rapid succession of water, mountain and furry features; and then once again standing in mouth gaped wonderment at what was in front of my eyes… dare I say that a bit of snicker spittle at the corner of my mouth seemed insignificant? Now I’m in Canada’s sequel and am finding moments when I could even live without chocolate! It’s life changing, I tell ya.

  3. Yes thanks for the love Tami, I did not need to go to Sageview, I went to God instead and it REALLY WORKS!!
    Holly, I’m jealous that you ate a snickers…I’m going to the store now! I’m thinking you’ve been having more GLORY to GOD moments in the wilderness!! I’ve hear rumors!!! I’ve seen pictures, I love God’s Beauty!

  4. Yesterday, I ate a Snickers, but how did I miss the Glory to God moment? I’ll have to try again, eh? I’m so glad that there is an endless supply of Glory to God moments- we just need to recognize them:) Thanks for the prompt!

  5. I will now eat my Reese’s in a whole new way and not feel guilty!! Thanks for sharing…hope you get this before you check in to Sageview! Love you 😉

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