God Knows His Plan

“For the revelation waits an appointed time, it speaks of an end and will not prove false.  Though it linger, wait for it, it will certainly come and will not delay.”  Habakkuk 2:3

When I went to sit down for my devotions this morning, I saw we were reading from Habakkuk.  I paused and thought, now where is Habakkuk?  Then I went to the table of contents….found it and proceeded to read(with no expectation, I might add, to find any nugget to take me through my day). 

GODS WORD IS ALIVE AND ACTIVE!!!  Truly, who would have thought that in such a small book, with so many questions, I’d find answers! 

This is a word that reminds us God is in charge and working, presently working.  Those who have heard a word from the Lord can be assued it will come to fruition.  An ‘appointed time’ speaks of a determined time in God’s eyes.  God KNOWS HIS PLAN, it will surely come.  The assurance of the fullfillment lies in God himself.

I had a word spoken over me and my marriage 7 years ago.  It was concerning the LARGE SUITCASE of blessing the Lord was coming to me with.  At the time my marriage was less than happy, as a matter of fact it was really a wreck.  I was spending much time calling out to God, with many questions(much like Habakkuk).  When a women of God spoke the word of the blessing to come, I clung to that with all I had.  I knew God would heal our marriage…and he did 3 1/2 years from the day of the revelation!!!

Patience dear one, the word from God will be fullfilled, He never FAILS.  You can trust him, hold strong to the word, it may linger, wait for it!  It is worth it!

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  1. Hey Natalie,
    I was just reading this again…you posted it 7 days ago and I find it interesting how you took a really strong stance here, saying you are beleiving GOD, you now He has the Plan, you are submited to him….and then BAMMM you slam into a big obstacle(literally).
    Have faith dear one!! The enemy is getting nervous because your point of breakthrough is so very near…do not stop pressing forward into GOD! He does have the plan for you, He does have the time, He does have the blessing! You will see it!

  2. Tracy, my dear friend, your words have inspired, humbled and educated me,once again! So, how can i not be brutally honest in my responce to your ponderings, by sharing my own? I confess that i doubt the word God has specifically spoken to me, sevral times, daily. And just today i realized why. (i know, ive been a little slow to learn this one!) but its because ive been watching and scrutinizing every circumstance that presents itself in my ordinary, daily life, and ive been saying “see, how can Gods promise to me possibly be true when this awful thing is happening right now?” or “i FEEL the complete opppsite to be true than what God said! so how can i believe him?” But ive been missing the whole frickin point! its not about me! and its definitly not about what i think or how i feel or what i would prefer or expect to see his promise come to pass! If i just go back to the basics, read the very words that that verse says, I can just relax! because God actually has a specific time already picked out, for me to be able to open the gift of his promise to me! he had a time planned for it to happen, before he even told me a word about it! so what right do i have to complain that i cant have it now? And, whats more, he says that tho it terrys, it WILL come! i have a guarantee. so then, in the end all i have to do is realize that i better just get used to having a little argument with my selfish, evil will every time it tells me its getting impatient. My ugly self WILL submit to the spirit of God within me and i WILL trust his word! IM BELIEVING GOD! 😉

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