Living in a musical

I have a confession to make, I’m not SUPER proud of it but I  have to say I really did have fun doing it. 

I saw the movie “Mama Mia”…If you haven’t seen it, please…don’t feel like you should.  I was just having an honest to goodness fun girls night and thought maybe that would be the best choice, especially above ‘Mummy’.  I had NO IDEA it was a musical, so you can imagine our surprise, when the little girl starts singing to her friends in scene 1.  We were like…what in the world….then we realize we’ve entered a musical.

disclaimer: I’m not saying it was a bad movie, I’m just saying don’t spend your 8 bucks on it.  Rent it on a night you really have absolutely NOTHING to do!

On the upside, I laughed a lot, almost until crying at times.  But most of all, my first thought was ‘who lives like this’, dancing and singing through life.  Even the passerbyers joined in on the song and dance.  I began to think about how we might just all be a little  happier if we lived this way.  In a musical.  Ya know, breaking out into song when words don’t really express your happiness or pain.  Or singing and dancing around your friend when she is down. 

Imagine with me that you are with a friend who has just had a really hard day her boss didn’t give the raise she wanted and her boyfriend left her and you just put your foot down and start singing “I will survive” by Aretha Franklin  or your husband comes home from a hard day and you just want to remind him of how great you are together so you break out into “Islands in the stream” by Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers.

~your making dinner in the kitchen, husband is dirty from work, frazzeled from his day and you just turn around….dancing with the frying pan~   “Islands in the stream, That is what we are, No one in-between, How can we be wrong, Sail away with me to another world, And we rely on each other, ah-ah
From one lover to another, ah-ah”

Wouldn’t that be awesome?  I mean come on, who wouldn’t be inspired to keep going in life if your friend just jumped in to singing and dancing in front of you!  You’d be up in no time doing back-up and sliding down the stair banister!  Whooo  Hoo I’m getting pumped up….watch out my friends, I just may be a living musical next time we meet:)

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  1. You’ve got me motivated to get a new computer here. I’m gone for 3 days and almost missed out on Tracy’s new fad. Gotta go computer shopping! “Sharing MY Heart The Musical” by Tracy Ham(aker) and cast…

  2. Yea, I know…..Gloria Gaynor….problem is less that it shows my youthfullness but more that is shows my lack of detail. I was going to use another song but realized it didn’t fit the story line I was trying to portray…then just changed the song title not the artist! UGH!
    Worse part of this whole things is that although I love the idea behind singing and dancing through life, I can’t use other peoples masterpeices because my mind can’t really think of took me HOURS just to find the titles of the two songs I referenced….so from my desk will come Hamaker origionals…I’ll just bust out an off-tune song about the situation.
    I can dance like no one else though…so you better watch out!

  3. First of all…loved that you didn’t know that the movie was a musical! You are so funny. Second…shows how young you really are…I Will Survive was sung by Gloria Gaynor and not Aretha Franklin. Sometimes you need to rely on us old skulls for your trivia info! Third…just wait until Monday…I will be singing to you all day from my desk…you have opened a HUGE can of worms…LOL

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