2nd Grade Warrior

My little one, who is entering 2nd grade is a warrior.  God has great things planned for this young lady of purpose. She has grasped onto some concepts that many of us struggle with today.  Determination, perseverance, battle to the end. 

Lately, I’ve realized she is only sleeping with her comforter and her ‘blanky’ (don’t tell the other 2nd graders she has a blanky, I don’t think she’d care but ya know we don’t need any harassing:)).  The sheet is shoved to the bottom of her bed.  So the other night, I threw back the comforter and pulled up the sheet.  She proceeds to use her feet to battle my advances saying “no!!! that is my emeny(note spelling is just as she said it)”  I said “what? your enemy?” “Yes, she says, I fight it all night long”

Next morning…”Abby, how was the battle with the emeny blanket?” “Oh, it was fine, it retreated”

Her perseverance in fighting the good fight, paid off….the blanket retreated, she had a nice restful sleep and felt like like a conqueror.  Taking her advice, I will not give up so easily.  I’ll fight my battles day after day, not stopping until the enemy retreats and not at all surprised when he does.  After all, we have ALL authority over our EMENY.  We can kick him down everyday until finally he stays at our feet and we find rest!

PS…last night she says “I was doing battle again…the spider is dead!”

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  1. Go Abby! Under my feet is where I want my emeny as well. Thanks for the perspective of how really simple it is to do battle. God is not worried and has things taken care of quite nicely. That is until our adult brains start with the “what if’s” and applying our knowledge… ha-ha.

    Tracy, I love the lessons that your family brings:) Thanks for sharing.

    Love ya- Holly

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