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I’ll tell you more about this in a couple weeks after I meet with the executive director.  But, You should check it out now!  Click on AMANI above and see what’s in the making.

Can you imagine? Helping an orphan girl realize a dream that she thinks would NEVER EVER come to pass!  God can do BIG things and you can help!  I’m 100% ALL IN and I’d love you to join me.  Contact Amani Life Project if you have questions or stay tuned for more information from me.   

Nothing excites me more than to share the Hope I have, how about you?

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  1. I can’t not spread the word….(is that proper english?) I can just imagine the young woman’s face on the first day of school and the joy in her heart on the last! Amazing…that alone will drive us to the goal!

  2. Mugs ARE so much better than a t-shirt, yes. And darn those mugs! Soon, ladies. (Also, a new design will up in the store soon. in addition to the regular’s super cool!) Thanks so much for the help spreading the word, Tracy! I can’t wait to tell you all that’s happening! -Bo

  3. Oops! Women who live in Africa are simply African women, not African American. So sorry…

    I knew the mugs were out of stock, but I also knew that your diligence to get them would get them here weeks ahead of my efforts. Aren’t mugs so much better than a t-shirt? Not seasonal, never covered by clothing, a faithful companion every morning (and beyond?), doesn’t get lost in the laundry pile- just rinse and go:)


  4. I have just the thing for you…I just emailed it. You could get one too….just go to the Amani websie and fill out the form for more information:) This is a great thing. The mugs are out of stock…but as soon as I can we’ll get them!

  5. Amani! It’s so nice to have an answer to “What can I do?” I can just picture a year from now walking into Starbucks and seeing you and the executive director drinking from your white Amani mugs. We could all toast from across the room and I’d explain to the lady standing behind me in line that I know of a way to make a difference in the lives of African American women. I’d then tell how while handing her an Amani business/web card that I just happened to have with me. (Maybe you could tell the executive director that one person thinks it’d be cool to be able to print business cards off of the web page to hand out.)

    I’M IN!

    ps When you order your Amani mug throw one in for me too and I’ll pay you back:)

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