Lessons from my Spiritual Champions

“I didn’t score a goal but at least I didn’t get hit in the face”

That’s a good game to a 2nd grader…’at least I didn’t get hit in the face.’  But really when you think of it isn’t that a good day for all of us.  I mean really…each day you may not score a goal but I’m sure you can be thankful that most times you don’t get hit in the face either.

I was thinking about the wise words of that 2nd grader and realized something important…she had been hit in the face before and knew that a good game would be one that didn’t include the ‘ball to face’ scenario.  She had an experience and now she knows clearly what she doesn’t want.  She was able to measure the success of this game by the failures of the last.  She went into this game with her hands up ready to block the goal, prepared for what was coming at her, completely determined to do it differently this time.  She was a little apprehensive, as we all are when we go back onto the field. She knew if she did things differently this time, she may not necessarily score a goal but she would not get hit in the face.  A Warrior Chick in the making if you ask me!

“I did exactly what dad told me, I ran and didn’t stop no matter what”

Second play of the game, my little man gets the ball at one end of the field and runs with all his might past the team dressed in black and through the boys ready to grab his flag at a moments notice.  Determined to do what his daddy told him to do…he runs and before we could get the camera out~TOUCHDOWN!!!!

After the game he was so proud…”I did exactly what dad told me to do and it worked.”  I wondered in my own life, if I took this concept with my Father in Heaven and did exactly what he tells me to do and actually believed the words I read between the books of Genesis and Revelation, if I ran and didn’t stop no matter what…would I too get a touchdown?

I know I would, I know I have and I know I will again! 

So, I’ve learned a lot this weekend at Soccer and Football…I  may not win all the challenges presented to me in life but at least I put on my armor each day and keep my hands up, ready to block what life throws at me.  And, I am convinced that if I do exactly what I read in God’s word, if I run this race of life with perseverance and don’t give up no matter what, that I have a guaranteed touchdown.  My Daddy is right every time!

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