I keep changing my theme…have you noticed?  I know some of you have because you’ve emailed me and said, “stop changing your theme, it shocks me” or “I think I’ve clicked on the wrong blog because it is different”.

Well, I may have found one here I’m comfortable with, for now:)   It must have something to do with fall.  The changes in our climate, the changes in our economy, the changes in our kids.  I am changing outfits during the day too.  Partly, to get more comfortable, and partly cause I’m just not satisfied with my first pick. 

Do you have times like that where nothing seems to be fitting right?  Clothes, the way your furniture is arranged, your relationships seem weird, you don’t know if you should bring a coat or an umbrella or a chair to the game.  All these choices and none really seam to make you go ‘ya that’s it’. 

I’m convinced there has to be a spiritual connection, an unsettling, a ‘lets make her uncomfortable so she’ll move’ type of thing.  I still don’t know what it is, but it is coming.  Change is in the air and God is gonna move!

Waiting Patiently still,


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  1. Hmm… Every autumn since I was 5 yo I can remember looking to fall with anticipation and excitement- new teachers, new friends, learning new skills and the coming of the holiday season which also includes my birthday:) This fall is no different with a new job, new friends and new areas that I’m asking (or not) for God to grow me in and turning the big 40…

    My point? Being as this is your blog and not mine… Change is good, especially with Jesus as your change agent at the helm. I’m looking forward to hearing His plan for you:)

    love- Holly

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