November Book List

Ok…so here it is, this is what is occupying my time this month:)

I’ll start with what is a constant in my life.

1.  The Bible:  I know shocking…but really, do you read yours everyday?  I started to a while back and I am so amazed at how the Living Word of God applied to my life daily has really transformed me and my relationship.  IT is really about a relationship and how can you relate if you don’t know the ONE you are relating too…get into the WORD!  You can get a reading plan HERE

2.  My Utmost for His Highest, by Oswald Chambers.   Old school devotional with timely truths for today.  Last week I was reading about salvation and the truths I read are not the truths many are believing.  You are not saved by believing, you are saved by what Christ did on the cross…I’ll blog about this some day!

OK now to the what is new and fresh and challenging and fun!

3.  No Other Gods by Kelly Minter.  Confronting our modern day idols.  I blogged about this a while back.  It is taking me some time to digest this one.  Very challenging because I have idols.  I do, I admit it, I have things that clearly take the rightful place of my savior and I need to conquer them.  So what happens when good desires become false gods, robbing us of an intimate relationship with our heavenly Father…read this and find out. 

4.  The New Rebellion Handbook ~a holy uprising making real the extraordinary in everyday life. I don’t know, it is definitely a book for the young generation.  It is designed to equip and empower you for nothing less then radically changing your world!  That works for me….                         

5.  Sinner by Ted Dekker.  I always have a fiction book on my list of reads and Ted Dekker is one of my VERY favorites…check him out sometime.

6.  Inside Out Devotional – a 40 day fast from wrong thinking. by Gregory Dickow.  Ok I’m not officially reading this yet, but I’ve ordered it.  I’ll be doing this fast from wrong thinking 40 days during the holiday season:)  Should be merry and bright!  I’ll let you know!

So that’s my list…what is yours?

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