I can’t STAND to make this Election Day blog about anything more than the King of the world!  This song has been eating at me for days, I just sing it all day long in my little heart.  I’ll stand for my God, In awe of Him alone, not of the next leader or community organizer of the United States of America.  Whoever is honored with the position of President for the next 4 years has my support and respect.  God is really the deliverer and provider for us anyway.  He will provide the healthcare plan I need, he will provide the tax break, the economic support because it is HIS economy I live in.  Enjoy the song….

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  1. I have to leave another note of Thanks for posting this song, Tracy.

    My FB status update today was for a friend I hadn’t caught up with for about a month. I found out this morning that his wife moved out of their house last week, leaving him and their 5-year old.

    While talking with him on the way to lunch today, I brought up this song, and he mentioned that when he awakens in the middle of the night and prays for comfort; for a song to bring peace to him enough to fall asleep. This very song is one that frequently brought to him.

    Is this just an amazing coincidence that you were listening to this song? That you were moved enough to blog/post it? That I, after not reading your blog for a couple weeks just happened to read it the day before I heard this saddening news? That I brought it up with my friend and he also had it on his mind during this difficult time for him? I think NOT. Oh, My God you are Amazing!

    Thanks again for your faithfulness, Tracy. For being a link in a chain that you couldn’t see you were a part of.

    Praise Jesus.

  2. This song is what keeps me focused on where I need to be. I think I’ve listened to this song 10 time in a row, jus this AM:) I’m a little addiced! Enjoy your coffee date and love on those ladies for me!

  3. I’d like to say that I keep returning daily to the song noted above because of my deep dedication to our Nation, but while that is on my list somewhere, right now it’s about my relationship with God and next my friends, orphans and the underprivileged.

    I followed up on your friend Alan’s comment on Undone by MercyMe.

    “To the cross I run, holding high my chains undone!
    And now I am finally free, and free to be what I’ve become.

    A hope that I needed to hear today. I then followed Hillsong tangent trails for an extended period of worship. Now I fear I will be late for my coffee date with friends! Gotta go!

    In pursuit of freedom,

  4. Yes, MercyMe is high on my list too! I’m just a worshipper at heart! Hands high and heart abandoned!

  5. Thanks for those affirmations, Tracy.

    And couldn’t you just sing that chorus over and over and over!? This song and ‘Undone’ by MercyMe hit me deep.

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