Filling in Ruts

I think I’ve mentioned my recent endeavor of fasting from wrong thoughts.  I’m on day 28 “It’s so hard” but my heart is still back at day 2 “I don’t have enough’.  Which is really funny cause I have SOOO MUCH!!! I understand that in my heart…but this rut must have been big if I still find my self saying ‘I don’t have enough time’, or ‘I don’t have enough shoes’ (I’m joking about that one, I obviously have enough shoes, just not enough of the ones I want, LOL)

Seriously, though, this fasting from wrong thinking is so good.  My thoughts are being transformed and I’m seeing the fruit of this fast in the lives of those doing it with me.  It is really astounding.  To see changes in tangible ways. 

Much like my mattress. 

Its true, we had ruts.  Two very deep, very daunting cubbies.  My husband and I have been sleeping on one surface with two distinct areas, marked with a hill in the middle.  It has been this way for 3 years.  The mattress we had previously, clearly was cheap, but that is what you have to do sometime, buy the cheap one.  Not sure it is really the best in the long run, but it does the job for now.

This type of thinking is not good.  The, ‘I’ll think that thought now, even if its not the best, because it serves my needs’.  Ya, not so good down the line.  When we settle for less than God’s truth, It is not like buying another cheap mattress…it creates a rut that is much harder to get out of, cause another cheap thought won’t bring you the healing or fruitfulness you are looking for, it will just bring another rut.

Truthfully friends, I don’t have my thought life conquered.  As a matter of fact, as with any fast, the more I fast, the harder it seems to becoming.  And although I’d love to just trade in my thoughts for the cheaper ones that will satisfy right now, I would prefer to trade them in for the Truth that lasts forever, how about you?

As a man thinks within, so is he!  Prov 23:7

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  1. Oh, this is so good, Tracy! I’ve recently been challenged to Take the 100% Test…all thoughts, 100% thankful, all the time. Yeesh. It’s been so stretching, but so good. I’m convinced that there is nothing in the kingdom that compares to the transforming of our lives, but the renewing of our minds.

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