Ground Zero Glory

The moment happened yesterday, speaking with a dear friend, mentor, counselor…she was the agent God used to pull the strings of 37 years of my Jesus Journey and scrunch it up into the beginning of the rest of my life.  A moment of Glory!

I have always known who Jesus was.  He was part of my life growing up, I visited His church with my family, I learned about Him, we thanked him for our food and asked for him to protect us as we slept.  I saw my mom, dad, grandpa and the adults around me worship this Jesus! Then Jesus became a man I knew.  I learned all about his character and his wisdom and his strength.  I began to model those characteristics in my own life and tried with all my might into my 20’s to be the person I thought Christ wanted me to be.  It worked and then it failed and then it worked and then it failed.

In my early 20’s I heard the voice of God, not audibly but close deep in my heart, He called me to be his disciple and I dropped all that I knew and followed him.  It was tremendous at times and devastating at others.  I would feel Jesus close and then I thought He would go far away.  I would try to do more, read more, teach more, live more and sometimes I would breakthrough and other times I would not.  Lately, I was not, no breakthrough, no ah-ha moments, just doing the ‘Christian life’ the best that I could.  Reading the bible, journaling, teaching, serving, loving, praying, repenting, surrendering….still something was missing.

Then GLORY… all cinched together into one understandable little package that has a missing piece!  My guess is you have this missing piece too and I can share it with you as God continues to reveal it to me but you have to be prepared to receive it.  It’s not a fun, worldly missing piece that will satisfy your soul like a new book or a great movie or a good deal at you favorite store or a new coffee drink that will blows you a way but it is a missing piece that will satisfy our spirit and bring you to the very heart of God!

Since November God has prepared me for this piece, he even showed me what it was then but today January 1st 2009 I am going to choose to abandon everything I’ve ever known with the hope and assurance that this is the very thing that will make all the difference to this Glory year of 2009!

Ground Zero, my friend, is where we start!  Clearing what we know and preparing it for the missing piece.  I know this will not be easy, I know this may not feel good at times, but I also know that this is the beginning of it all for me! 

The missing piece? 

Actually, believing Gods word and really doing it…all of it…not the part that works for me in the area I am willing to surrender but actually saying be the LORD of my Life.  Be my EVERYTHING.  EVERYTHING. EVERYTHING. EVERYTHING. ALL ALL ALL!  No if ,ands, or buts, no compromise, no areas hidden…just honest, raw surrender.  Giving the Holy Spirit 100% title to the very core of TRACY HAMAKER, no way out, no prenuptial agreement, no fingers crossed, no turning back, no pause button, no agenda, no pride, no pressure to achieve, no preconceived ideas….just little ol’ me being sold out to the one who gives me breathe…


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