Glory Basics 101

We start at the very beginning, a very good place to start, when we read we begin with ABC, when we sing we begin with do re mi….today we begin with G L O R Y.

Glory (Hebrew word: KABHOD/ Greek word: DOXA)

Meaning: Abundance, wealth, treasure, honor, dignity, splendor, brightness, majesty, beauty, power

Glory is a quality of Gods Character:greatness/authority and God’s moral beauty & perfection as a VISIBLE PRESENCE.

The infinite perfections of God, Jesus is the brightness of the Father’s Glory, the Bliss if Heaven!

“Give Glory to God” is a Hebrew idiom meaning “confess your sins” “Give God the glory by speaking the Truth”

We are are being transformed into the glorious image of God.  The Hebrew word for Glory means ‘weight’. (2 cor 4:17 For our light and momentary troubles are achieving for us an eternal GLORY that far outWEIGHS them all.)

The tongue, as the soul’s interpreter, is the GLORY OF MAN and the instrument of GLORYFYING GOD.

365 days of Glory began yesterday and I will use the only instrument I play well and sing the GLORY OF GOD.

Day 1:  Revelation from God, Glory for HIS power to reveal

Day 2:  Glory to God for free will.  Our right and responsibility to choose to be surrendered to the LORD OF LORDS.


Speaking Glory,


What do you say...

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