17 days of Glory!!

A lot of life happens in 17 days!  Life seems to move a lot slower when you look at it one day at a time.  I’ve been diligently keeping the Glory List for 2009.  Writing down daily where I see evidence of the Glory of God.  Evidence of his abundance, wealth, treasure, honor, dignity, splendor, brightness and majesty.  GLORY!

Each day lends us a new opportunity to see the glorious.  But it also gives us a day with new obstacles or challenges that try to sneak their way in to steal the Glory  moments.

Here are the Glory Moments:

0.  Giving 100% title to God ~ Abandoned

  1. Revelation from God
  2. Choices, free will, responsibility to choose to be surrendered
  3. God is in Control, 3a. Friends, 3b. haircuts, 3c. massages, 3d. Church
  4. Birthdays ~ Glorious life
  5. Hope
  6. Skiing with your best friend
  7. Holy Spirit
  8. Love of a husband
  9. Attorneys that are available
  10.   A husband that desires his wife
  11.   Information Technology computer people that help
  12.   Peace in storms
  13.   Womens Bible Study ~ 45 glorious women
  14.   Opportunities to trust God
  15.   Daily Manna, Gods provision just when you need it
  16.   38 year old healthy husband
  17.   White trees in freezing fog

The challenges that try to steal these glorious moments:  Lack of sleep, struggling friends, stressed family members, mistakes at the bank, non-existent cash flow, no money for payroll, debt, cold weather, rain while skiing, warm weather in January, pre-teen attitudes, DVD’s that stop working 1/2 way through, flat tires, lazy butt, computer glitches, people not working on  your time line

…must I continue or do you get the point that for every moment of Glory there is a huge boulder ready to crash down and squish it!

Being conscious of Glory Moments has brought much hope amidst the storms.  Being aware that Glory is all around leads me to search for it when times are tough and not give up until I find it for the day.  I can’t rest my head on my pillow at night with out demanding a moment of Glory.  God is faithful to provide, the question is are you faithful to seek!

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  1. I have a glory moment today! I could choose to see it as a time of having to suffer another person’s repremand. Preaching to the choir!I could choose anger, resentment or choose to disagree with what that other person was saying to me. I could deliberately, make choices that would not actually help me but harm me, though they might promise INSTANT(not lasting) gratification. BUT, i cant!! God has been so good to me and so good to the people who love me most, that LOVE surrounded that long, hard conversation. God’s grace is so suficiant for me, that he opened my eyes and SHOWED me the gift i was being given, throught my mixed feelings, through the tears, through my physical exhaustion. My family loves me so much, that they will risk whatever reaction,in order to stop me from hurting myself in ways that they forsee that maybe i cant! My BIG HUGE GLORY moment for today …….. is my family! the love of my family – that comes from so many places beyond the walls of my household! my heart overflows with thankfulness and praise to our GLORIOUS God that he has given me the gift of families all over Bend and beyond! I love you sista!

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