Fire from Heaven and Abby’s Baptism

Two totally unrelated but related things!

Last night at church we sang a song that almost knocked me over.  I’ll admit, during my worship time there are moments, days, months, or whatever..that I don’t necessarily ENGAGE in the worship completely.  BUT, Last night was a night that I began to engage my soul and I was shaken as I heard these words come out of my mouth:   

“Open up the sky, FALL DOWN LIKE FIRE, we don’t want anything but you”

Here’s the song:

Seriously!!!  Did I want God to open up the sky and fall down like fire?  I stopped singing and thought about it.  It was a moment I could not process completely.  It is a ‘hard to swallow’ word that, although I want to say I was singing the words from the deepest desire of my heart, I’m was not sure about it!


My baby got baptized in the Deschutes river today!

CIMG0130 CIMG0137 CIMG0139 As I heard her declare her love for Jesus out loud, as I watched her walk into the icy cold waters, as I watched her daddy pray with her and her Pastor lead her, as I saw her go under and come back up; Tears filled my eyes and I was shocked to find my self praying “Fall down like fire, Jesus, Fall down like fire!”.  I got it! It all made sense. The song came to life before my eyes and I was able to embrace it!  I want Jesus to fall down like fire into my children’s lives, I want them to be able to sing “We don’t want anything but you!” 

And, so, that is how fire from heaven is related to my beautiful daughter!  My greatest desire is that she would pray for God to open up the sky and fall down like fire in her life!

I love you Abby, you are my sunshine and you are MY GIRL!


P.S. If you don’t know Abby, here is a story that explains her 100%.  She went to have her impressions done by her orthodontist last week.  I was concerned because she has a HUGE gage reflex and I just knew she’d end up throwing up all over the poor hygienist!  Abby had no idea what to expect, she had heard stories and yet that didn’t deter her from hopping on down the hallway.  Before I could finish signing the financial documents and giving my right arm for the impending bill for treatment, she was done!  I asked her if she gagged and she said NO!  I said, No?  why not, I don’t understand.  She just smiled and said, “I imagined it was pink frosting and I just relaxed and enjoyed it!”  Lemons to lemonade in one brilliant 8 year old mind!

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  1. “Earthly things don’t matter, They just fade and shatter, when we’re touched by love divine.” Tears in my eyes for the girl who openly professes her faith, the Mommy who loves her, Pastors past and present, and a Daddy who will always be just that. God’s brilliantly orchestrated plan to establish a bank of memories for the girl who turned 8, because sometimes life gets hard. I think I blocked out most of Junior High 🙂

    I didn’t intentionally deter from the fire theme, but that one is still being processed. I love your heart and willingness to process the fast pitch when thrown by your ear 😉

  2. Go God and GO Girl! Actually Go Family….what an amazing day.

    My boys were Baptised by their dad and they will never forget it. Way to go Daddy Marc! I continue to be in awe by this Father God and the way He moves. I continue to be amazed by men who choose to be the example and NOT the statistic! Way to go Daddy Marc! Your Baby Girl will remember your every move and every word.

    Praises that YOU are her shining example of a Godly Man…

    as for the orthodontia…well yay…it is an arm and a leg xs 2! so~~~~
    Rooting for the Hamaker Family~~~full speed ahead~~~please!

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