This is an interactive blog.  I challenge you to tap into the power of the Holy Spirit and interpret the following happenings in my life. Tell me what you think the creator of the universe is up to tonight.  

Arrived in Portland for a little mini-vacation, time away.  (side note: if it seems like I’ve been doing a lot of retreating lately, its all your imagination, I have not been diverting my life by going to retreats, camp or Portland on purpose, hahaha, actually that could totally be a part of your answer to “what is the message”, seems that often God has been calling me to a place set apart, but I’ll give away my interpretation if I elaborate).

Anyway, I arrived in Portland today, two precious children in tow, with the mission of 3 things, Lego Store, Omsi and fellowship with my dear cousin/brother(a cousin that is more like a brother).  So far, we have done 2 of the three, OMSI is tomorrow.  My telephone battery completely died, it will not register that it is connected to the charger.  Therefore, we’ve added a trip to the SPRINT store to our itinerary tomorrow. 

So, no big deal right…phone is out of service, I spent 5 days without a phone 2 weeks ago!!! I can totally handle this one.  I call the most important people in my life to let them know my phone is out, but not to worry I’m safe, I just won’t be available at a moments notice…OHHHHHH  DARN!!!!:)

We have great fellowship with my cousin/brother at his home.  His little boy, 18 months old, has been running high fever so we’ve decided not to stay in the home of a sick boy. Mainly not for fear of contracting a virus but for fear of not receiving any sleep!!!

To our hotel my two children and I go.  Tucked into bed they are and onto my bed I go with remote in hand.  Click, TV on, fluffing pillow, sip of water, turn to surf the channels….WAIT!!!! WHAT?????  No TV  signal…..scramble for the phone  “hello, front desk”  “YA, Hi, its Tracy(like they even care what my name is) um, my TV doesn’t work….” “OK, Miss, the TV repair guy is off tonight so, I’ll put a work ticket in for him for tomorrow, is there anything else we can do for you?”  “(SH&*) No thank you, I appreciate your help”  (YES I thought the word I typed with carefully placed characters; confession, forgiveness, absolution!)  OK…..

So no TV, no big deal, I fix TV’s all the time, or clothes dryers, or sprinkler systems, or door knobs, whatever, I can fix it.  I have grandpa’s intuitiveness and I can do anything.  “Fix it Tracy” goes to work on the TV!!!!!   HONESTLY, 25 Minutes later, I realize I’m wasting time…DUH!!!!

No big deal, I brought my computer and missed my 20 year HS reunion, I can browse some pictures and leave notes for friends on Facebook.  GREAT PLAN!!!

No wireless internet!!! YOU’VE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME!!!  Call front desk…”Hi, this is Tracy(your best friend and most annoying guest)…how do I access the wireless internet?”  “Oh, we don’t have wireless internet, you’ll find the cord to connect to the internet on the table.”   “OK, (well that table is in the space that my two precious, perfect, amazing, totally obedient and SLEEPING children are!)  So, your telling me I have no internet and no TV tonight? I’m assuming you’ll compensate me for these problems?”  “well yes ma’am of course, what is the problem again?”  (*like its not obvious, I’m a demanding American with no TV or Internet or Phone!!!!!!!!!!)  “uh, my TV is not getting a signal and if that could be fixed tomorrow, that would be great”  “Yes, of course, enjoy your evening!”

So, here I sit, taking Ms. “Front Desk Ladies” advice and enjoying my evening sitting behind a door as far as the Ethernet cord will reach, as far away from the delightful sleeping children I can get.  Typing a delightful blog to you my two faithful readers and I ask you…..What message does the no cell phone, no TV, no internet speak to you, for me?

SIGH…Goodnight, I guess I’ll read the ONE book I brought…The Bible…incidentally, the Gideon’s are still doing their good work!  I have a nice red bible in my bedside table!

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  1. Hmmmmm – Life happens, and yet you continue to “make lemonade” so your friends and family can enjoy your writing as you tell the tale. Love you always

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